Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My book "Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers" is now available for Pre-Order!

Photo credit: Caro Photo

Hey Lovelies! I have great news! 
My book "Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers" is now available on Amazon for pre-order!
I received a sample of the layout and it's a million times better and more beautiful than I imagined! The team at Page Street Publishing Co. did such a fantastic job! You guys are in for a real treat!
Just like you, I can't wait to to hold it and flip all it's pages!

What do you think of the fabulous cover?
The photo was taking by the talented Caroline Langevin and thanks to the super sweet shop owner Mélanie Paulin of Carte Blanche  (official Annie Sloan Stockist) we were able to use her fabulous space to take a few shots!

Until the next time...Live Life In Full Bloom!


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Book Deal & Color Palette by Paper & Peony

Hello lovelies!
Wow! It's been a while since my last post!
There's been some big things happening in the studio...but one of the main project is the book deal  I signed a few months ago with Page Street Publishing Co. The book is about the art of paper flower making and I'm sharing all my tricks, templates and techniques to make all of my flowers! The book is out on Amazon for pre-order  and will be in stores early in the Fall!

CLICK HERE to Pre-Order the book!

To make the wait for the book a bit more bearable, here are some color inspiration boards I created with my paper floral compositions!

Enjoy and Pin away!!! 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Paper Couture by Paper&Peony

Hello lovelies!
It's been a while since my last post but there is so many good reasons for that!

First, let me share with you one of my favourite project of this summer so far!
Victoria, one of team member of Design 42 contacted me with an image of a famous painting 
by Anna Halldin Maule as inspiration. (image above)

For so long I wanted to create paper couture pieces but time always ran short...
When Victoria asked if I could replicate in a smaller scale the headpiece for one of her bride, I said YES! 

I first started by designing a prototype so Victoria and her bride could see and feel 
what could be the final product. 
Once they received it...the project was confirmed and the creating process began!
I had to built it in a way that it was conformable to wear so, since I source a lot of my materials on Etsy, I found Debra from Aunt Lily's Shop  who sales millinery supplies. I ordered round hat/fascinator base that I mounted on a wide fabric covered headband.
I literally lost myself when I began mounting the flowers...Creatively speaking, I entered a zone only artists knows it exist...it was liberating! 

Now, enough with words...Let the images speak for themselves!

Prototype by Paper & Peony

Prototype by Paper & Peony 

Couture Headpiece by Paper & Peony

Couture Headpiece by Paper & Peony

Couture Headpiece by Paper & Peony

Couture Headpiece by Paper & Peony

Couture Headpiece by Paper & Peony

Thank you Lovelies for stopping by!
~ Chantal xx


Friday, February 5, 2016

For The Love Of Pink

I LOVE pink! 
I love when I get to design paper flowers in all the shades of pink!
Here is a beautiful gallery of my favorite creations! 

Photos: All rights reserved - Copyright Paper&Peony 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Are You Bloomed Away yet?

Yes! That's right!!!
Be ready to "Be BLOOMED Away!" 

I love taking photographs of my paper flowers 
before I mount them into fabulous bridal bouquets!

Here is to my love for Champagne!!!
This quote from Elizabeth Taylor is just perfect!

Lovely Print by History In High Heels - Luxurious pen by Kate Spade NY -
Lip Gloss by Dose Of Color - Heirlroom ring box by The Mrs. Box 

I truly LOVE designing paper flowers for each of my wonderful clients...
Each project has it's specifics and details that makes them all unique!

Colors, colors and more colors!

I am totally BLOOMED AWAY by all these fabulous paper blooms 
that I hand sculpted by hand with love just for you!

Are you???

*all photos and paper flowers in this article are Copyrighted by © Paper & Peony 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Trend Alert!!! Paper Flower Hair Accessories!

The Summer season is around the corner and I love flowers! All kinds of flowers! 
How about lovely paper flower hair clip to accessorize all your fabulous outfits! 
{{{Coming soon in the shop!}}}

Set with a single flower or embellished with leaves and feather...There is so many options to make these air clip fabulous! Custom request will be available soon in my online boutique!

One thing for sure...You'll see me wearing a few of my creations around town this summer!

All photos credit: Paper & Peony ©

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Black Photography Backdrop

Happy Saturday my Lovelies!

There is something intense, dramatic and deep about taking photos on a black backdrop...I found a vintage black velvet gown and and while doing some research and experiments with my camera...
I learned it's much easier to photograph  against a solid background and then add/subtract filler items for context.  In gardening photography, this is called a specimen shot where the only thing of interest is an individual plant, flower, or leaf, and this kind of photography can be its own separate category in a gardening photography competition. Although in my photos I often have more than one specimen...I like to think my product fit the category perfectly!

 I LOVE the freshness a white background creates!  However, something white against something black can really highlight the details that might have otherwise been missed!

Here are my first trial shots with a black backdrop.  
- I still need to learn how to control the light exposure and saturation but I'm quite happy on how these turned out!

Photo: Paper & Peony

Photo: Paper & Peony

Photo: Paper & Peony

I couldn't resist to photograph my new ring box I got from The Mrs. Box - Beautifully handmade boxes using colourful french vintage velvet..."these pieces are as much an heirloom as they are a showcase for your most treasured baubles."  - I second that quote!

Photo: Paper & Peony - Ring Box from The Mrs. Box

Here I applied my new logo to this shot...I think it's perfect! 
I see this as a book cover... another project - brewing ideas!!!

Photo: Paper & Peony

Photo: Paper & Peony

Photo: Paper & Peony

Photo: Paper & Peony
Photo: Paper & Peony